Defence & Detox

Conquer the City, Protect Your Skin

With a powerful blend of ingredients, the URBAN SKIN DEFENCE & DETOX RANGE was especially formulated to counteract the effects of urban lifestyle on the skin. The URBAN SKIN DEFENCE DAY CARE protects and moisturizes your skin, while the URBAN SKIN DETOX NIGHT CARE helps your skin regenerate overnight. Impurities? No problem! The 1 MINUTE URBAN DETOX MASK is great to purify your pores. 

So go ahead and enjoy what the city has to offer, your skin is taken care of!




What makes the NIVEA URBAN SKIN RANGE so special?
It's a complete skin care regime, optimised to meet the needs of urban skin. Protect, counteract environmental stresses, and help your skin regenerate with products tailored for each step. The light URBAN SKIN DEFENCE DAY CREAM protects against environmental influences and provides 48 hours of moisture. The 1 MINUTE URBAN DETOX MASK has been proven to effectively remove city dirt in just one minute leaving purified skin. The URBAN SKIN DETOX NIGHT CREAM regenerates the skin and strengthens it for the next busy day. Need we say more?

How do exhaust emissions, dirt and other particles affect our skin?
The skin of urban dwellers is affected by mutiple stressors: tiny dirt particles including dust as well as nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides, ozone, and ultraviolet radiation. Moreover, a hectic schedule, dry air in heated or air-conditioned environments, lack of sleep and especially the effects of HEVL (blue light fraction of the visible light spectrum) contribute to skin aging and blemishes. 

How would you describe the ideal care routine for urban skin?
The ideal day cream protects the skin with highly effective antioxidants and supplies for 48 hours of intense, rapidly absorbable moisture without leaving an oily film. This texture is especially important for city dwellers because urban skin tends toward oiliness. All of this is covered by the URBAN SKIN DEFENCE DAY CREAM. In the evening, urban skin needs intensive cleansing a.k.a. a genuine detox. Our 1 MINUTE URBAN DETOX MASK can be used daily and effectively frees the skin from impurities of all kinds!

The URBAN SKIN DETOX NIGHT CREAM is the perfect finale before bedtime. It helps skin regenerate while we sleep and recharges its antioxidative capacity for another day of hassle. This is exactly what your skin needs at night to recover.

What makes the URBAN SKIN DEFENCE DAY CREAM so special and effective?
A special ingredient mix! Licochalcone A is a natural antioxidant that protects the skin from pollutants and HEVL while a skin-friendly pH value provides physiological balance. The formula also provides a 48-hour moisturising boost and SPF 20 with matched UVA protection to guard against light-induced premature aging.

What makes the 1 MINUTE URBAN DETOX MASK so special and effective?
The antimicrobial formula with magnolia extract and kaolin cleanses the skin gently yet extremely effective. It improves skins appearance and has been proven to support a perfect complexion. This mask is the perfect daily cleanser to free the skin from detrimental environmental influences. In one minute. Awesome.

How can we protect our skin against environmental pollution?
With highly effective antioxidants! Antioxidants protect skin from harmful effects caused by exposure to environmental pollution. The skin is also protected by sunscreen, a skin-physiological pH value, and a formula that supplies long-lasting moisture. A detox cleansing with kaolin, the “dirt magnet”, also helps to purify the skin gently yet effectively. We thought of all this when we created the URBAN SKIN DETOX RANGE. 

What should we especially bear in mind for urban skincare?
Urban skincare means protection and long-lasting moisture during the day, detox and deep pore cleansing in the evening, and intensive moisture and regeneration at night. Urbanites’ skin tends to be oily, so city dwellers should use a moisture-rich product, well-balanced for care but suitable for skin that produces excess sebum.

What benefeits does urban skincare provide for women between the ages of 20 and 30?
Optimal prevention! The new NIVEA URBAN SKIN RANGE with organic green tea extract and hyaluronic acid is well balanced, feels pleasant on the skin, and helps protect skin against premature aging thanks to an expert blend of ingredients. 

What makes the URBAN SKIN DETOX NIGHT CREAM so special and effective?
Just as the day cream, this formula contains a special combination of antioxidants, which is proven to restore the skin's antioxidative capacity over night. The formula also restores the skin's pH value, e.g. after cleansing, so the skin can effectively perform its natural protective functions. The detox effect, coupled with intensive moisturising care delivered by the 48-hour moisture boost, helps the skin regenerate overnight.

The 1 MINUTE URBAN DETOX MASK contains white clay. Why is this ingredient perfectly suited for urban skin?
Some airborne dirt particles are twenty times smaller than the diameter of a pore. Natural white clay, or kaolin, has the marvelous ability to attract oil and sebum like a magnet so skin is left radiantly clear and fresh. This ingredient is a true game changer in our detox mask.
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